Canadian DRIP & SPP LIST
How to read the Lists

  • NAME: The name of the Company or Income Trust.
  • TICKER: Stock ticker symbol of the company. Go to WWW.TSX.COM to look up the current share price.
  • DRIP: Does the Company have a Dividend Reinvestment Plan. All should be Yes to be on these lists. 
  • SPP: Does the Company have a Share Purchase Plan. This is important since it allows you to buy more shares.  What is a Share Purchase Plan? 
  • DISC: Does the Company offer a Discount, which could mean several things. Some companies discount the purchase price when the dividend is reinvested. Others give a bonus to your dividend payment. Almost always only applies to the reinvested dividend and not any optional cash purchases, but it's best to check the circular or the company's website. 
  • FEES: Are there any fees for Reinvested Dividends or for Optional Cash Purchases.  Fees are BAD. 
  • SPP FREQ:  How frequent Optional Cash Purchases (OCP) are processed in the Share Purchase Plan (SPP).  Remember Optional Cash Purchases are just that, OPTIONAL.  See FAQ Question #1.  Read the What is a DRIP? for more basic details. 
  • SPP MIN:  Minimum amount accepted per Optional Cash Purchase. 
  • LINK: A link is provided to the Plan Documents or Circular. Be sure to Right-Click and Open in New Window.
  • NOTES: Any notes for the company.