A Basic Spreadsheet to Track your Dividend reinvestment Purchases

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A basic spreadsheet to keep track of your

DRIP & SPP purchase dates and reinvestments.


your Statement from the Transfer Agent:

  1.  Fill in purchases manually, except for the last "Total" line which will be calculated.

  2.  Then fill in all cells for reinvested dividends (using discounted price if applicable).  Bottom line totals will be calculated.

  3. Enter in the Current Share Price for total value.  OR use the web query to pull stock data from Yahoo! Finance as shown in the file and have the "Current Share Price" value equal the current quote from the web query.  Example of the web query is BCE.  You can modify this this query for your particular stock.

  4. Leave the Template tab blank and make a copy of it in the workbook by right clicking on the tab and selecting "Move or Copy..." and then check off the "Make a Copy" box.

  5. Add more lines to either "Purchases" or "Dividends" by right-clicking on the NUMBER of a blank row and selecting "Insert".

Totals at bottom will be calculated automatically

Total return is a simple return, net any fees including dividends as return.
Average Share Price is the average share price of any purchases (not incl. fees) in the "Purchases" table only.
Adjust Cost Base is total cash value of all share purchases including any fees, plus all reinvested dividends.
ACB per Share is the above total divided by your share balance.

Download the File  (.xls)

In the Event of a Stock Split

If a company that you DRIP decides to declare a stock split, or issue a share dividend, it will be important to maintain proper ACB Per Share if you ever sell/transfer a single share.

Remember, a Stock Split does not change your Adjusted Cost Base, since the total amount of money you have invested or had reinvested from dividends has not changed.