SPP Calendar

How to use this Purchase Calendar for share purchases:

To ensure your Optional Cash Purchase (OCP) is processed on time, mail in your OCP Form and Cheque 3-4 weeks before the month/date you want your purchase to go through on.

Since all Real Estate Investment Trusts pay monthly distributions and process purchases monthly, they have been excluded from this list.


The date indicated below is normally the 'Dividend Payment Date" which is often the 'Purchase Date' or 'Investment Date' for optional cash purchases. Normally the 'Cut off' date (deadline for OCP) is 5 business days BEFORE this date, which is why it is important to send your purchase in weeks before this date.

Also, due to weekends and holidays, the purchase date (dividend payment date) may be actually 1-2 days later.

As always, if you have any updated information for corrections, please send it to me.

SPP Calendar

*BMO: Plan text cut off date of 10th of the Month