Canadian DRIP List


How to Read the Tables

DRIP: Does the company have a dividend/distribution reinvestment plan. All should be Yes to be on these lists.

SPP: Does the Company have a Share Purchase Plan. This is important since it allows you to buy more shares. 

DISC: Does the Company offer a Discount, which could mean several things. Some companies discount the purchase price when the dividend is reinvested. Others give a bonus to your dividend payment. Almost always only applies to the reinvested dividend and not any optional cash purchases, but it's best to check the circular or the company's website. 

FEES: Are there any fees for Reinvested Dividends or for Optional Cash Purchases.  Fees are BAD. 

SPP FREQ:  How frequent Optional Cash Purchases (OCP) are processed in the Share Purchase Plan (SPP).  Remember Optional Cash Purchases are just that, OPTIONAL. 

 SPP MIN:  Minimum amount accepted per Optional Cash Purchase.

Grayed out: No longer active, plan suspended, cancelled or company acquired. 

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Canadian Corp List

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Canadian Corp List
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