DRIP Request Response Letters

DRIP Response Letters

What companies say to investors when they want to invest in them

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Here are the response letters I received from Canadian corporations when I requested they initiate a Dividend Reinvestment Plan(DRIP) and Share Purchase Plan(SPP), or lower their fees for their existing plan.

Would you like to help out?

Why not write a letter to a Canadian company asking them to initiate a DRIP and SPP?

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Acquired by Suncor, Aug-2009

Power Financial Corporation

Sun-Life Financial

Fees removed from the plan May-2009

Canadian Western Bank

Successful Request - DRIP initiated 09-2009.

* Request Share Purchase Plan.

Energy Savings Income Trust

Successful Request - Minimum Units required lowered. Converted to corporation, new name Just Energy.

Nexen Incorporated

Nexen confused with Request. I was asking for a SPP,

but a DSPP would be good as well.

Shaw Communications

SNC Lavalin

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

Loblaws / Loblaw Companies

Tim Hortons

More details here.