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Share Transfer Forms and Instructions

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Instructions to Transfer Shares (Certificate or Book Format) in Canada

*Please Note: If you are transferring your initial share to someone else, ensure you have completed

at least one optional cash purchase for that company as not to be canceled from the plan.

  1. For the company of the stock being transferred, determine which is the representing Transfer Agent, then download the appropriate form below. Even if you have the share in certificate form which has the transfer declaration the back, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to use the form below in case of a mistake.

  2. Write in your full name and account number, or certificate number. Acquire a proper Signature Guarantee from a bank or broker while you date and sign it. Make sure the Bank Officer includes their Alpha-Numeric identifier. You(original owner) are the Transferor or Person executing Power. See form for specific details about Signature Guarantee. Banks should NEVER charge for a signature guarantee.

  3. Write in the # of shares being transferred, class of shares (ex. common) and the name of Company.

  4. Write in the transferee's (recipient) name and address. Name should be 100% exactly the same as their other registered shares to simplify their online account access. If more than one transferee, complete 1 form per person.

  5. Include a Letter of Direction ( sample here ), stating again the transferee's name and address. If share(s) are to be taken from your DRIP Balance, BE SURE to indicate this in the letter by stating it VERY CLEARLY. Leave SIN number BLANK, transferee can submit it later.

  6. Mail or preferably courier forms to Transfer Agent's "Stock Transfer Dept". If you live in Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver both Computershare (Addresses) and Canadian Stock Transfer (Addresses) have offices at which you can hand in the paperwork.


Canadian Stock transfer

(formerly CIBC Mellon)

Equity Transfer

Computer Share Transfer Form

Computershare Investor Services

Attn: Stock Transfer Services

100 University Avenue, 9th floor

Toronto, ON M5J 2Y1

Canada Stock Transfer From


Online Form to Create Transfer Form

Canadian Stock Transfer Co.

P.O. Box 7010

Adelaide Street Postal Station

Toronto, ON, M5C 2W9

Equity Transfer Form

Equity Financial Trust Company

200 University Avenue, Suite 400

Toronto, ON M5H 4H1

For more examples of a Letter of Direction, please see StuDog's website.

For more information on share transfers see this site.